PrivML Research Group

This page provides an overview on projects I am working on and students I am supervizing or have supervised in the past.

Current projects and research interest

Currently ongoing theses

StudentProgramThesis Title
M. NestMasterTemporal Membership Inference Attacks
I. FendelBachelorGroup Membership Inference Attacks
A. MeszarosBachelorTaxonomy of Privacy Attacks in Machine Learning

Past theses

StudentProgramThesis TitleLink
M. KrügerBachelorApplication and Evaluation of Differential Privacy in Health Data Classification Taskspdf
O. BouananiBachelorNeural Network Architectural Choices for Privacypdf
C. MühlMasterPersonalizing Private Aggregation of Teacher Ensemblespdf
T. KänelBachelorPractical Evaluation of Neural Network Watermarking Approachespdf
D. WangBachelorEvaluating and Adapting Existing Neural Network Watermarking Approaches to Online Learning Scenariospdf
D. SosnovchykBachelorEvaluating Privacy of Synthetic Data Through Metricspdf
W. GuBachelorDifferential Private Synthetic Data Generationpdf
J. IhrigMasterPrivacy Quantification Methodspdf

Open topics for collaboration

Currently, the following topics are available:

If you are interested in collaborating in one of the topics mentioned above, please feel free to reach out.